The best reason to invest in aluminum access systems instead of similar products made from wood and steel is its light weight. Aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel, iron, copper or wood. It’s  the ideal material for portable building stairs and steps, primarily because they will be easier to move from place to place and less expensive to ship.

Portable Building Steps

But aluminum has other important advantages, including:

  • Flexibility — Aluminum has both strength and flexibility. It can flex under heavy loads and spring back from the shock of impact.
  • Strength — Aluminum profiles can be made as strong as necessary for nearly any application. If you plan to use your access products in cold-weather applications, you’ll be pleased to know that, as temperatures fall, aluminum actually becomes stronger.
  • Non-corrosive — One of aluminum’s greatest attributes is its natural corrosion-resistant characteristic. As a result of the presence of a thin, naturally occurring protective film of aluminum oxide that bonds to its surface, it doesn’t rust. To protect steel from rust and corrosion, you’ll generally have to paint and maintain it, especially if you plan to use it in a moist or damp environment.
  • Fewer mechanical joints required — When extruding aluminum, manufacturers are able to obtain complex one-piece shapes. Extruded aluminum stair frames require less mechanical joining and are stronger and less apt to loosen.
  • Non-combustible Aluminum doesn’t burn and, even at very high temperatures, produces no toxic fumes.
  • Easy to Customize Extruded profiles can be custom-designed for specific functions, making the desirable for many different types of applications.
  • Attractive —Aluminum can be used without any finish coating or painting, but can be anodized, painted or powder-coated if desired.
  • Sustainable —Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly, quickly, and cost-effectively without losing any of its characteristics. In fact, extrusions are often manufactured using a high percentage of recycled content without compromising the appearance or functionality.

As the team travels around the country to evaluate access system manufacturers, we intend to tell you about the products we find that will bring you the best quality and price. Today we can recommend the portable building steps and other access solutions offered by REDD Team in Delhi, LA. Their products meet the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council and are appropriate for LEED credits.

Look for access systems constructed from 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for structural strength. This alloy is a great substitute for heavier mild steel products. It’s one of the most versatile and least expensive aluminum alloys available. It’s easy to join and weld and, because it resists corrosion so well, it’s especially popular for marine projects and a wide range of industrial applications.

Thermal treatment and aging make many alloys stronger and 6061-T6 is no exception. It offers excellent structural strength and toughness. It also has good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing. Since its an extrudable alloy, it can be formed into just about any imaginable shape. These are the superb qualities that make aluminum perfect for fabricating stairs, ramps, platforms, bridges and similar structures.

Consider portable aluminum building steps for both site-built and modular buildings. They are indispensable for modular classrooms, offices, construction trailers, and around the jobsite, and will provide your building with safe, secure, cost-effective and eco-friendly access.