Every building needs some kind of access. Prefabricated metal steps come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are ideal for any outdoor application.

Outdoor Aluminum Building Access Steps
High quality aluminum access systems, such as those manufactured by companies like REDD Team in Delhi, LA, are fabricated from 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for structural strength. They are an outstanding substitute for heavier steel systems for a variety of reasons:

  • Good thermal conductivity; they will perform exceptionally well in cold weather but conduct heat well and will remain cool to the touch, even in the hottest environments.
  • They equal mild steel in strength but are only 30% to 50% as heavy, making them easy to move from location to location without a struggle.
  • No matter how complex the design, frame components are extruded in one-piece sections. This means less mechanical joining is necessary, so the products will not loosen or wobble over time.
  • Aluminum’s unique protective oxide coating makes it capable of withstanding highly-corrosive settings such as marine environments.
  • Finishing is not necessary, but products can be anodized, painted or powder-coated.
  • No scraping, sanding, painting or staining is required, so aluminum access products are maintenance free.
  • Can be infinitely recycled without losing any of the metal’s excellent properties.

Uses for Outdoor Metal Stairs

Marine Environments: Aluminum stairs and ramps are the preferred choice for access solutions in waterfront locales. Utilize them for access to boats, floating docks and other vessels in waterfront parks and marinas, or rely on them for access to commercial and recreational seaside concession and service businesses. In comparison to wood, which becomes wet and slippery in marine settings, aluminum stairs are constructed with slip-resistant materials to prevent injury and are self-draining. Aluminum also has superb corrosion resistance properties that make it a better choice than steel in demanding environments.

Oil, Gas and Mining: Activities continue to expand throughout the Permian Basin, Midland Basin, Marcellus Shale, Woodford Shale, and other oil and gas extraction areas. Aluminum stairs, ramps and other access products are capable of withstanding the environmental conditions in these harsh, remote locations. They can provide durability, flexibility and comfort in modular man camps. Aluminum is also ideal when used for the specialized platforms, crossover stairs and access ramps workers need in order to safely perform maintenance on generators and wellhead components. 

Construction Sites and Field Offices: There is nothing more useful on construction sites than aluminum stairs and ramps that can be configured for sloping, uneven surfaces. Use them as individual portable stairs or join them together for longer reach. Invest in OSHA stairs for jobsite access between building levels, on hilly terrain, gravel pits, earth retaining walls, road/rail embankments, and other hard-to-reach construction areas.

Education: Schools and municipalities can achieve General Code compliance economically with aluminum access products because they are non-corrosive, recyclable, non-combustible and maintenance-free. Use them for access to portable classrooms and other modular buildings on campus, such as administrative offices, gymnasiums, libraries, etc. Take them apart easily, relocate them and reassemble them in different configurations wherever you need them. 

Aluminum is an outstanding metal for outdoor walkways, stairs, platforms and ramps. Consider aluminum steps for a durable, cost-effective way of providing temporary or permanent access to buildings and work sites.