Outdoor Metal Building Access Steps

Every building needs some kind of access. Prefabricated metal steps come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are ideal for any outdoor application.

High quality aluminum access systems, such as those manufactured by companies like REDD Team in Delhi, LA, are fabricated from 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for structural strength. They are […]

Aluminum Stair Systems

Aluminum is excellent for outdoor walkways, stair systems, platforms and wheelchair ramps. Aluminum access solutions are a strong, durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly way of providing temporary or permanent access to buildings and job sites.

Aluminum is not just for wrapping up leftovers to put in the refrigerator. It’s lightweight (one-third the weight of steel or copper) […]

Prefabricated Metal Stairs

One aspect of maintaining safety in the workplace, the classroom and anywhere else you conduct business is ensuring that you have effective access equipment in place. Prefabricated aluminum stairs, as opposed to another metal, wood or masonry may be the best way to protect your employees, customers, guests and equipment from harm and damage.

The staff […]

Aluminum Building Access Products

Access products for modular buildings, mobile construction trailers or portable classrooms should be carefully considered. A construction trailer may simply need aluminum OSHA-compliant steps, while your modular classroom or other type of modular building may need a system of stairs and ramps that are custom-designed to fit your unique application.

At PrefabMetalStairs.com, we address the topic of building accessibility, focusing on wheelchair […]

Portable Building Steps

The best reason to invest in aluminum access systems instead of similar products made from wood and steel is its light weight. Aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel, iron, copper or wood. It’s  the ideal material for portable building stairs and steps, primarily because they will be easier to move from place to place and less expensive to ship.

But aluminum has other important advantages, including:

Flexibility […]

Modular Building Steps

Aluminum’s natural properties simply can’t be matched by other metals, and these properties make it ideal when used for site-built and modular buildings, classrooms and city buildings. The durability, strength and rust-resistant characteristics of aluminum steps also make them indispensable in the construction, automotive, shale-oil drilling, and aerospace industries and many other applications.

High quality aluminum stairs and access systems, such as those designed […]

Portable Office Trailer Access Steps

A portable office trailer is a common sight on constructions sites. They’re extremely useful as temporary space for going over plans, running projects and meeting with your team. But you’ll need steps for access.

Aluminum stairs provide a safe and convenient solution. They’re strong enough to be installed permanently, but are extremely portable for use with […]

Portable Aluminum Stairs

If you are looking for portable metal stairs to provide convenient access to modular buildings, construction trailers or temporary offices, consider aluminum. Aluminum has a number of characteristics that make it a better choice than steel when strength, durability and portability are important.

Our team at PrefabMetalStairs.com visits and reviews metal stair manufacturers across the nation […]

OSHA Industrial Stairs

OSHA Industrial Stairs

Strengthen the safety and security of your workplace while complying with OSHA standards by installing aluminum industrial stairs and other access products.

Statistics tell us that serious workplace injuries are far too common. In fact, every year in the U.S., 3.3 million people suffer a preventable workplace injury from which they may never recover. […]

Metal Stairs

Are you trying to decide whether to purchase metal, wood or masonry stairs for access to your mobile office, construction trailer or modular classroom? If you’ve already decided on metal, what are the pros and cons of aluminum versus steel?

Compared to wood, steel and masonry stairs, aluminum is the ideal combination of strength and durability. […]