OSHA Industrial Stairs

OSHA Industrial Stairs

Strengthen the safety and security of your workplace while complying with OSHA standards by installing aluminum industrial stairs and other access products.

Statistics tell us that serious workplace injuries are far too common. In fact, every year in the U.S., 3.3 million people suffer a preventable workplace injury from which they may never recover. […]

Metal Stairs

Are you trying to decide whether to purchase metal, wood or masonry stairs for access to your mobile office, construction trailer or modular classroom? If you’ve already decided on metal, what are the pros and cons of aluminum versus steel?

Compared to wood, steel and masonry stairs, aluminum is the ideal combination of strength and durability. […]

Aluminum Stairs

Some aluminum alloys rival medium-grade steel in strength, but aluminum is also lighter in weight and less expensive. In fact, it’s the high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum that makes it indispensable for portable stairs, walkways, wheelchair ramps and other access products.

Metal stairs, ramps and platforms are convenient for temporary use at job sites and for […]