Aluminum is excellent for outdoor walkways, stair systems, platforms and wheelchair ramps. Aluminum access solutions are a strong, durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly way of providing temporary or permanent access to buildings and job sites.

Aluminum is not just for wrapping up leftovers to put in the refrigerator. It’s lightweight (one-third the weight of steel or copper) and easy to extrude, cast, and recycle. It resists corrosion and stands up to repeated use. It’s important in every segment of the world economy and its use exceeds that of all other metals except iron.

Aside from beverage cans, aluminum is used in transportation (airplanes, automobiles, trucks, rail cars, ships, etc.), packaging (foil, cans, etc.), construction (windows, doors, siding, architectural components, etc), consumer durables (pots and pans, appliances, cooking utensils, etc.), electrical transmission lines, heavy machinery, and a wide range of other applications… including building access solutions.

Aluminum Stair Systems

Advantages of Aluminum Stairs

When you need rugged and reliable stairways for use with any site-built or modular building, aluminum products are the perfect alternative to traditional wood or masonry stairs. Aluminum doesn’t get slippery in wet weather; it doesn’t become too hot to touch; it’s equal in strength to mild steel, but much lighter in weight.

When fabricated from extruded aluminum components, such as the stair systems manufactured by REDD Team in Delhi, Louisiana, you can count on them being easy to assemble, easy to move around, and easy to design in a variety of configurations to meet just about any specifications.

Many aluminum systems feature stable but floating footings and joints that are not permanently attached to the ground. This means they the perfect choice for placement on slopes and uneven terrain. And, in the event of heavy vibrations and earth shifting, they will flex and not experience any damage.

Unlike steel or wood, the metal’s natural aluminum oxide coating protects it from the harmful effects of water, salt, air, and temperature variations. It doesn’t rust or corrode, so aluminum stairs offer a safe access solution in marine environments and areas susceptible to bad weather.

And, unlike wood, aluminum will never split, rot, or warp from rain, snow or UV rays. Aluminum stairs and platforms do not need to be refinished, and require no scraping, sanding, painting or staining to maintain them. This makes them an economical, maintenance-free investment.

Although recycling aluminum cans has the highest profile in the public eye, all aluminum products, including stairs, wheelchair ramps, and similar products, can be recycled repeatedly, quickly, and cost-effectively without losing any of its superior characteristics. It can be reused over and over again to make new products, a common occurrence for auto parts, appliances, windows and doors, and many other products.

If you have site-specific requirements that demand durability, you will find safe, strong, lightweight aluminum stairs and related products on the market, such as:

  • OSHA-compliant aluminum stairs
  • General Code aluminum stairs
  • Universal aluminum stairs
  • Multi directional aluminum crossover stairs
  • Alternating tread stairs
  • Spiral and circular stairs
  • Crossover ladders and platforms
  • Universal wheelchair ramps
  • Aluminum pedestrian bridges
  • Aluminum work platforms and porches
  • Aluminum viewing platforms

Mobile office trailers and other modular buildings are indispensable in construction, military, oilfield and mining, marine and educational settings. Consider aluminum stair systems and similar access products to ensure safe and secure entry/exit for workers and pedestrians.