Access products for modular buildings, mobile construction trailers or portable classrooms should be carefully considered. A construction trailer may simply need aluminum OSHA-compliant steps, while your modular classroom or other type of modular building may need a system of stairs and ramps that are custom-designed to fit your unique application.

At, we address the topic of building accessibility, focusing on wheelchair stairs, steps, platforms, ramps, walkways and similar products, to help you decide which building access systems may best meet your specifications in terms of quality, maintenance, value and service.

Aluminum Building Access Products

This month, we evaluated the extensive line of access products manufactured by REDD Team in Delhi, LA. They are a leader in American-made aluminum access systems that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as construction, industrial, commercial, marine, automotive, recreation, education and more.

The primary factors that cause slip-and-fall injuries are structural integrity, slippery surfaces, poorly constructed handrails, and environmental factors, such as mud, ice, snow, grease, and oil. These can all be counteracted by installing aluminum access solutions.

Two of the most popular materials for access products are aluminum and steel, but aluminum is the preferred material for reasons related to the inherent characteristics of the metal itself. It is about 1/3 the weight of steel, but some aluminum alloys are stronger than some steel alloys.

Extruded aluminum systems have other qualities that are unmatched by any other materials, such as exceptional safety, durability, portability, rust resistance, thermal conductivity, low maintenance and sustainability.

Steps and Stairs

Aluminum stairs (OSHA and general code) can be used anywhere. They are a practical solution for temporary use to enter and exit modular and site-built buildings, as well as at construction and remote oil/shale drilling sites, where they can also be used on sloped surfaces with proper anchoring.

In the workplace, they will have to meet the general standards and safety regulations set by OSHA. International Building Code (IBC) and other entities also impose requirements for acceptable width, headroom, riser height, tread depth, landings and handrails, however, so it’s important to talk to your local municipality to find out if there are specific requirements for your intended use.


Municipalities have a continual need to move citizens from place to place, but need to do it as safely and economically as possible. Walkways fabricated from aluminum provide safe access, shelter from rain or extreme heat, and are very affordable. They are ideal for parking areas, loading docks and for transitions between buildings. They’re also a structurally sound, slip-resistant solution for access to portable modular classrooms.

Aluminum also offers advantages that make it the material of choice for beach access walkways. Metals and saltwater just don’t mix. The combination of oxygen, moisture and salt causes metal to corrode and eats away at the metal, weakening it and causing it to deteriorate. Simple maintenance is all that’s needed to keep walkways in a pristine condition in marine environments. They don’t need to be refinished, and require no scraping, sanding or painting.

Platforms and Ramps

Specialty aluminum platforms and ramps can improve safety in a wide range of environments because they provide safe access to elevated and hard-to-reach areas. They can be designed as ADA-compliant to meet the needs of people with scooters, walkers and wheelchairs, with smooth, continuous handrails and slip resistant walking surfaces. Use them for temporary or permanent access to modular office trailers, for crossing over trenches on building sites, and anywhere you need to provide safe passage for pedestrians from one point to another.

Aluminum building access products are long-lasting and cost-effective. There are so many other options besides those we’ve discussed here. We encourage you to contact our recommended manufacturers to find out more.